Board Certification

  • Midwife

Personal Interest

Pam has been married to Joseph Barone for nearly 27 years. Together, they have 4 children Alex, Devin, Miranda, and Sofia and are expecting their 3rd grandchild in June 2022. Pam enjoys family time, Sunday fundays, entertaining, cooking, dancing, and spending weekends at her beach bungalow near Bethany. Pam and her family are members of Grace Fellowship in Timonium.


Pam, also, was born and raised in Baltimore. She started her journey into Midwifery at the age of 17 when she gave birth to her first son. She was immediately aware that something was not right. Her beautiful son was born with missing fingers and a leg deformity. Her doctor and nurses provided unforgettable support and encouragement during a time of confusion and joy. Her birthing experience and the moments that followed catapulted her into what would be her life’s calling. She vowed to herself that she would use the experiences from her own childhood, birth experience, and teen mom journey to becoming a vessel of strength and support to women needing extra care and attention because of their own unique histories.

Pam has been practicing full scope Midwifery care for nearly 22 years and has thoroughly enjoyed the intimate connections with women during their reproductive years.  Building on that experience, she is excited to embark on the next chapter of her life, stepping away from Obstetrics, and joining Dr. Susie Chung in providing focused and integrative gynecology care and wellness services to women of all ages, teens through menopause.

Midwife means “with woman”…before kids, between kids, after kids, and without kids. As she finds herself in menopause, she is drawn to helping women in the same boat, helping them navigate the journey.